Winter Wednesday VII: 1/17/2018

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Happy Wednesday y’all! I had plans to take some Winter Wednesday pics on a trip to Montreal this past weekend but life does not always work out the way we want and due to many airplane issues we did not end up making it to Canada, so I wasn’t able to take the pics I wanted. Thanks to my vanity, I already had some pictures of myself in an outfit I wore a few weeks ago – that is almost exactly the outfit I had wanted to feature this week anyway, with the exception of one piece. While the pictures may not be the best quality you still get the point! Check it out:


This was my Saturday hang out look and, obviously, I felt super cute.

The outfit:

1 Snapback

1 vintage sweatshirt

One of the perks of being related to men older than me is collecting their clothing. This classic Champion sweatshirt is straight out of the 90s (maybe 80s?) and belonged to either my dad or one of my brothers. You can find plain sweatshirts online or at your local thrift store.

1 winter coat

This jacket is Brixton brand that I got from a massive sale on JackThreads last year. I think I bought it during the summer, or maybe when JackThreads was going out of business (they are back in business now), I can’t remember but I know that I’m too cheap to have ever paid full price for it. Here is a similar one on the JackThreads website now – bookmark it and wait until they have a sale.

1 pair “real straight” jeans

Literally laughed out loud when I checked the tag on these jeans just now to check their style classification. Real. Straight. Jokes aside, they’re from the Gap women’s section.

1 pair taco socks

Taco socks.

1 pair Nike skate shoes

I bought these Stefan Janoskis from the boys’ section at Marshall’s two years ago and it was a great investment. They were cheaper because (1.) they’re boys shoes and (2.) I bought them at Marshall’s, but they’re still high quality from being Nikes. I couldn’t find them in the gray that I have but here they are in blue.

Thanks for stopping by and see you next week!

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