Winter Wednesday VI: 1/10/2018

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Happy Wednesday, y’all!

Since last week I mentioned you could make that outfit more casual by untucking the shirt and throwing on some Vans, I figured this week I would show you just that – with a different color palette of course. This week’s outfit is similar to last week’s in that it involves a button down with a cardigan and some chinos but this week we’re going red, white and blue. It was a bit gloomy and wet out yesterday so I decided to brighten things up with my red cardigan. Check out how I went from business caj to regular caj in two quick steps:


More angles:

 Make sure your sleeve peeks out a bit!

 Make sure your socks match the outfit!

There you have it folks, untuck the shirt, throw on a pair of sneakers and you’re in business (and in fashion).


Red Cardigan with elbow pads!

I LOVE ELBOW PADS. If you have the option to buy a sweater with elbow pads and one without elbow pads…always go with the elbow pads. I got this cardigan from the Target women’s section many many moons ago (freshman year of college) which means it’s most definitely no longer in stock however someone is selling this exact sweater on this random website. You can also find sweaters with elbow patches all over the place, just gotta be on the lookout.

Red/white/blue men’s button down

Most of my button downs are from JackThreads and this one is no different.

Straight leg Chinos

Have I mentioned that I love the Gap? Typically I like a slim-fit pant but these fit me so well I couldn’t pass them up, I still hate how large they fall at the bottom, hence rolling them up and letting my socks do all the talking.

Striped socks

Target. Target has great socks. One of my favorite fashion trends is the pant rollup with accent sock showing underneath. I saw this for the first time on a DC fashion blog as a teenager before I was ever bold enough to even explore men’s fashion properly, but I will never forget that picture because just that one simple style has seriously impacted my fashioin journey. Also I just fucking love socks.

One pair of Vans or similar sneak

This is a super old, beaten pair of Vans – I should probably get a new pair…but it’s a look, right?

That’s it – see you all next week!

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