Winter Wednesday V: 1/3/2018

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Happy Wednesday and Happy New Year! This week we’re taking a journey into cardigans – mostly because I just got this cardigan for Christmas and I want to show it off but also because I love thick men’s cardigans and think they look good on pretty much anyone. When I first tried this cardigan on at Christmas I said “they call me cardigan boi, cardi b for short” my brother didn’t know who Cardi B was and ruined the whole joke so hopefully someone here will appreciate. Anyways, without further ado, here is this week’s look:


This outfit is brought to you mostly by the men’s section at Target, save for the belt and the shoes (which you may recognize from my inaugural Winter Wednesday post).

Thick blue cardigan, thick striped button down, and slim-fit chinos all from Target.

The one thing I will say about Target is that I love their clothes because they have all the classic essentials and also have men’s clothes that fit me pretty well for an actually reasonable price. The flip side of that is that you get what you pay for and I’ve definitely noticed a discrepancy in quality in my Target clothes compared to some of my other clothes. The green pants I’m wearing in this outfit I’ve only had for a few months and are already starting to distress at the seams and the shirt I’m wearing is pretty much incapable of de-wrinkling. Despite these issues, I’ll still stan Target probably for the rest of my life.

This is another one of my business casual work outfits but you could casual it up even more by untucking the shirt and throwing on a pair of Vans, which I almost considered doing for this post but I’m a sucker for brown belts and couldn’t help myself.

Happy curating and see you next week!

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