Winter Wednesday III: 12/20/17

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Happy Wednesday curators and happy almost end of the year (thank god). This week my good friend Leni joins us to give us a lesson in joggers. When joggers first started to become popular I was a little wary of them but they quickly gained my confidence as a versatile wardrobe piece for use in casual outfits. Today, Leni shows us two ways you can rock your jogger – comfy and fresh? Count me in.

Look 1: Black Attack


Look 2: Sk8rGrrl
(Leni does not skateboard but I imagine this is the outfit she’d wear if she did)


The pieces:

Plain black sweater: H&M Men’s
Black joggers: Pac Sun Men’s
Brown Joggers: Urban Outfitters Men’s
Button-Down: Peau de Loup

Peau de Loup is a Canadian company that “specializes in well made button downs for women.” Their shirts are great and come in many sizes. They might be a little more towards the expensive side for what you’d like to see in a casual button-down but sometimes the quality and a properly fitting shirt are worth it – but they are cheaper than they seem! Don’t forget to convert the listed price from CAD to US Dollars. Plus, they’re currently having a 50% off sale.

Sneakers: Nike high tops

Happy curating and see you next Wednesday when Leni will be visiting us again with a special New Year’s Party look!

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