Winter Wednesday II: 12/13/17

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Happy Wednesday, curators! Since last week I dressed up for my office look, this week I decided to go a bit more casual. As you may have noticed last week, I’m very into color coordination so this week I decided to introduce two of my three favorite clothing colors, burgundy and navy blue. My third favorite color is olive green, which I’m sure you’ll meet another week.


Here you’ll see that I wear my burgundy pants and boots (boots are a must for winter!) on the bottom, with a navy blue shirt and beanie (beanie season, y’all!) on the top. My flannel, a navy base with burgundy and beige highlights, finishes off the outfit perfectly.

The recipe:

1 solid color beanie

I got my beanie for $2 at a gas station so don’t ever let anyone tell you fashion has to be expensive.

1 solid color t-shirt

I chose navy this time around but many colors could have worked here. White, black, heck even orange.

1 flannel

Need I say more?

1 pair of skinny stretch chinos

As a somewhat curvier girl, I’ve found the key to making slim and skinny fit pants work is making sure they are also stretch, and sometimes needing to go up a size. I’d rather have slim-fit pants that look nice and are a little bit too big (emphasis on the little bit) around the waist than wear pants that fit my waist but look baggy (looking at you, straight cut pants).

These pants in particular are American Eagle women’s pants that I found at a thrift store.

1 pair of boots

I love my Dr. Marten’s!

That’s it! Throw on a coat and you’re ready to take on the world.

See you next Wednesday!

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