Winter Wednesday I: 12/6/17

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Welcome to Winter Wednesday! Each Wednesday in the winter I will post a new look book winter outfit (or two in today’s case). While it may technically be winter here in DC it’s still been warm enough to leave the parka at home, so today I decided to highlight my classic office look as of recent, the sweater + vest combo (not to be confused with the sweatervest combo).

Look 1: Brown Town


Look 2: Blue Boi


These two looks are pretty much the same outfit adjusted for color coordination.

The recipe:

1 short-sleeve button down shirt

Long-sleeves are also acceptable, I just happen to be partial to short-sleeves. In Look 1, I offset the heavy brown pallette with a light blue. In Look 2 I complement the blue with a red/blue tiny plaid. Both shirts are from jackthreads.

1 crew neck sweater

The sweaters I wear in each look are actually different colors of the same lambswool sweater from j.crew factory. Look 1 rocks the marled walnut and Look 2 the marled indigo.

1 winter/puffy vest

My new motto is you can never have too many vests. I’ve had an aesthetic love of vests for a little while but I just discovered this year how truly practical they are. My body is terrible at thermal regulation and vests keep me warm without overheating me on those weird 40-60 degree days. My gray vest is from a consignment shop (Crossroads on 14th for you DC folk) and the blue vest I got from Old Navy a few years ago, I’m sure they have a similar style in stock these days.

1 pair of slim fit stretch chinos

The Gap is ~*literally*~ always 40% off in stores…AT LEAST. Sometimes more. I love these pants.

1 pair of fresh kicks

In Look 1 I’ve got on my Tomboy Toes, which is a women-owned shoe company that makes menswear shoes in smaller sizes. “The company’s mission is to make sure women, trans men, nonbinary people and anybody else with smaller feet never again have to settle for shoes that are only kind of what they want.” Dope, right?!
In Look 2 I have on a pair of Cole Haan sneakers that were given to me as a hand-me-down, I couldn’t find this particular model on the internet but here are some alternatives:
$$$: Cole Haan
$$: Clarks
$: DC

Sizes! For some kind of helpful reference: I am 5’4″ and weigh probably around 170 pounds. I say probably because it’s been a minute since I’ve checked.

Shirt/sweater: men’s small
Vest: men’s small or medium
Pants: 32 or 34×30 (rolled cuffs)

Happy curating and check back next Wednesday for a new winter look!

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