Welcome to the Masc Curator!

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Welcome to the Masc Curator! For those of you who somehow don’t know, I’m Erin (also to known to some/many as EOR (yes pronounced like the donkey)), and I’m here to provide you all with some dope masculine fashion.

I remember as a kid always wanting to shop in the boys’ section, to the dismay of my mother, who really, really, tried to convince me to shop in the girls’ section. One back-to-school shopping trip she caved and let me go hog wild in the boys’ section, it was one of the better days of my childhood. Later that year, we had a dress down day at my private school and I got to don me now my gay apparel (at the time I did not know I was queer but this is definitely what was happening). The other kids in class held an informal voting contest behind the teacher’s back and voted me “Best Dressed Boy.” Not being a boy, I realized pretty quickly they were making fun of me. At the time, I wasn’t feeling great about myself, but looking back that was definitely one of the prouder moments of my life. I even remember what I was wearing! A plain cotton orange t-shirt and a pair of fresh, dark wash, jean shorts – and I won best dressed?! All the other boys in my class must have been clowns if I could beat them with a simple orange t-shirt.

As I got older, I teetered the line between femme/masc for many, many years. I always wanted to be so much more dapper than I actually was but I was afraid to completely make that jump, not only for fear of societal back lash, but I definitely didn’t have anyone that could help me navigate a men’s section properly. I was a t-shirt-and-jeans-for-every-occasion kinda gal throughout high school and wore my slip-on Vans as much as possible. But I was still in private school and that was about the extent of my fashion expression, what with wearing the same skirt/polo every day until I was 18. With my newfound freedom in college, I bounced back and forth between button downs and blouses, but always wore a blouse or a dress to formal occasions because it was the easiest thing to do. I look (damn) good in a dress, but I’ve gotten to a point where I’ve accepted it’s not really what I want to be wearing – and I’m A-OK with that. Hopefully I can help some other people not only feel A-OK with that but also look good while doing it.

Whether you’re a budding butch, a seasoned futch, a femme girl who wants to explore other expressions, or none of the above and just want to look good – then stop masquerading and start masc curating (I l-o-v-e puns if you weren’t aware).

I’m not entirely sure what direction this blog will end up taking but I’m excited to start posting inspiration outfits, highlighting women and queer-owned businesses, dissecting the importance of socks, and so much more with you all. There will also be frequent outside contributors to get as much and as diverse content as possible!

This is pretty much my first personal blog ever so you’ll have to bear with me as we go along, but masculine fashion is very important to me as a means of expression and I hope whoever’s reading this can gain something from it.

Let’s get to curatin’!


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